After School Activities

FALL 2021 Update:
Due to the ongoing pandemic and on-campus visitor restrictions, the Barron Park PTA will not be be able to bring any of our previous vendors for after school activities to the Barron Park School campus. However, many of our former partners are operating either online or at other locations. Read on to find offerings from approved vendors with which we have worked in the past.

Registración / Registration

Si usted no está aplicando para una beca, regístrese directamente con el comerciante para las Actividades Después de Escuela. A menos que usted aplique para una beca, todos los costos de registraciónes deberán ser pagados al registrarse directa mente a los proveedores del programa de Actividades Después de Escuela.

If you are not applying for a scholarship, register directly with the After School Activity vendors using the links below. Unless you are applying for a scholarship, all registration fees are to be paid directly to the After-School Activity vendors upon registration.

Información de becas.
Click here for Scholarship Information

PTA Approved Vendors (Fall 2021)

CHESS! by Chess King
Study the essential elements, acquire the proper tools and play winning chess! Learn the basics or train deep into advanced tactical and positional play. Participate in semi-formal tournament play and optional homework. Learn intriguing history. Move up in the rankings and achieve awards. See how the masters do it!

RUN FOR FUN by Run for Fun Camps (in-person @ Peers Park)
Actividades al aire libre (en persona)
Run for Fun is an outdoor after school program that focuses on play through field games. Kids work on speed, agility and fitness while enjoying games such as capture the flag, chaos tag, and dodgeball.

LEGO ROBOTICS by Bricks4Kidz
Robótica lego
Let’s make it move! Kids love legos, but we will build and code them to move too! As they enjoy the fun in building with legos, they’re also learning the basic principles of movement, engineering, and coding that are part of our everyday lives. They’ll gain other skills such as learning to work as a team player, gain confidence, patience, problem solve and more.

Clases de actuación y canto
Have fun at home developing performing arts skills! Join one of The Green Room’s teaching artists in creating an exciting and original new musical project! Or embark on an exciting adventure filled game where we help you create your very own character and take you on an adventure to fantastical lands!

MANDARIN by Bay Area Mandarin
Idioma mandarín
Have fun speaking Mandarin from day 1! Loved by students and recommended by parents. No prior Mandarin experience is required.

ART CLUB by Art and Soul
Classes de arte
Our goal is to improve and strengthen student observational skills. Develop their drawing, sculpture and painting techniques in both contemporary & classical styles. Projects will examine human and animal anatomy, still life, landscape, fantasy & monsters, art history and graphic design, all from culturally diverse perspectives.

TENNIS by Euro School of Tennis (in-person instruction)
Tenis (en persona)
Our modified equipment is ideal for young beginners, ensuring they learn at their level and grasp the fundamentals of this fantastic sport. Smaller racquets, low-compression red balls and an 18ft portable net are all provided, all you need to do is sign your children up and we’ll have them enjoying this great sport in no time.

Becas / Scholarships

***Las becas se ofrecen SOLO para el comerciante con quién hemos trabajado anteriormente.***

*** Scholarships will only be provided for vendors who we have previously worked with, see above. ***

¡Becas parciales y completas podrían ser disponibles, en base de quien aplique primero! Las instrucciones para aplicar para becas pueden ser encontradas en la aplicación de becas la cual está disponible en la oficina de la escuela.

Partial and full scholarships may be available on a first come, first served basis! Students applying for a Scholarship must fill out the Scholarship Application and the Scholarship Class Registration Form. More instructions for applying for a scholarship can be found on the Scholarship Application. Scholarship Applications and Scholarship Class Registration forms are available in the school office.

Por favor comuníquese a la Oficina Central sobre Solicitud de Beca.

Preguntas sobre la Registración:
Preguntas Sobre Becas: La Oficina (650-858-0508 o email).

To apply:
Please contact the front office about scholarship forms. Scholarship Applications and Scholarship Class Registration Forms must be completed and submitted to the school office during regular office hours before or after school.


For registration questions, contact Activities Coordinator.
For scholarship questions, contact the front office (650-858-0508 or email).

Here are some options for companies that we have not worked with previously but are offering after school services. NOTE: No scholarships will be offered for these vendors.
¡No se otorgan becas para estas clases!

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